What we discovered for renewables

Windblade Shield is a surface protectant using innovative nano-technology by Airglide. It protects the blade surface from the dust, grime, acid rain, birds mess et al. When you consider there are some inferior competitive products that use Teflon or silicon both of which are harmful to paint, metal and composites, this is a world leader.

Designed to work alongside Wind industry companies, military and civil radar installations, to help improve their products, and together improve product efficiency. It's Raytheon Radar approved and has AMS1650C global certification.

Airglide's renewables protection


Cost benefits to you include:

  • Wind Turbine efficiency
  • Less Lifetime maintenance costs
  • Improved life of the turbine blades
  • Increased site availability ( due to less wind required)
  • Reduces noise levels

Summary of the benefits for renewables

Protection of the blades/ generator from:
  • Sea water ingression
  • Reduce debris build up such as bugs & acid rain et al
  • Harmful UV rays
  • Reduce ice and Hoar frost build up
  • Drag reduction tests
  • Raytheon Radar approval
  • AMS1650C global certification
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